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Football Darts 24x38

Football Darts 24x38


The standard football game comes with an orange helmet mid field. Simple color changes to the helmet can be applied for a small $5 fee. Big changes to helmets and end zones will be an extra $25 dollar fee. Please email us directly about which changes you'd like made to your football game, and we will reply with the total cost. 


Magneticboardz presents!!!!


Magnetic Football
Are you ready for some football?!?
Battle one on one, or gather up family and friends for a team challenge. Perhaps the most unique football gaming experience ever designed. Throw passes, run for yardage, and move your way up and down the field in an attempt to score. But be careful, the football your dart lands on could result in an interception, or a fumble recovery for the defense. Set the clock for a timed game or just simply run 10 possessions per team. And with the rectangular magnets included, you'll have no problem keeping track of where you are on the field.
Includes 3 darts and 2 rectangular magnets with multiple team colors.
Have what it takes to come out with a win? Let's see what you've got!

    Extended sized games are 24 x 48 with dry erase boards on both sides. They come pre-drilled with 4 screws included for mounting. Screw cover caps, 3 darts and 8 game pieces are included as well.



    There are no return policies available at this time.


    These custom made boards can take up 2 weeks to ship out.

  • WARNING!!!

    Warning! Small game pieces inside. Warning! Small game pieces inside. Parental supervision is advised.

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