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In the year 876 A.D., a small dark corner of England was off limits to all people who lived upon the land. Neither Kings, Vassals, or Knights were brave enough to explore this forbidden corner. Rumor had it, that just beyond the safe zone there had been a battle some years before between the Danish Vikings and the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom. Blood had soaked these grounds and hundreds lost their lives. However, it was believed that many of the deceased still roamed this corner. Trespassers onto the ghost land risked being taken and held prisoner, forcing the captive to fight in a gory game to claim back their freedom.
These are the stories of those who were forced to play that game, in a place known, as MedievaLand.

Play with as many prisoners as you like. Everybody starts in a cell, attempting to break out with the only weapon to smash open the gate, (the medieval flail). With two throws per person, per round, you'll attempt to collect the numbered shields to move that many spaces along the rusty chain. Just hoping to sneak past the Skull Soldiers, because if you land on them, you must fight your way through by collecting a weapon with a dart. Only one prisoner will be set free, the others will have to fight another day.


Do you have what it takes to defeat MedievaLand?

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    Standard sized games are 24 x 38 and  come pre-drilled with 4 screws included for mounting. Includes screw cover caps and 3 darts and 5 game pieces as well.


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    Warning! Small game pieces inside. Warning! Small game pieces inside. Parental supervision is advised.



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