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Mini TAKE-A-SHOT (optional bartender change) 15 1/2 x 23 3/4

Mini TAKE-A-SHOT (optional bartender change) 15 1/2 x 23 3/4


It's Dollar shot night! So gather your friends and head to the bar to enjoy some drinks. Oh by the way, the winner will take home the cash prize at the end of the game. Place an empty jar out and watch it fill up with dollar bills as you buy shots and tip the bartender. One of the funnest drinking games you'll ever play. TAKE A SHOT provides the most unique dart throwing experience you'll ever have. Just like a game board, you're provided with the game pieces you need to move around the bar. 


To play, you'll start by throwing a dart and hitting a bottle. Each bottle has a number beneath it. If you strike a bottle with a 3, you'll move your game piece 3 spaces. As you move around the bar, you may land on many spots that instruct you to take a shot or buy a shot for someone else. And unless you want to lose your next turn, we suggest you take the shot, and tip the bartender. Because failing to tip him/her, will result in a skipped turn.


3 darts, 6 game pieces, rules for playing, IT'S ALL INCLUDED!


  • Warning

    Small game pieces inside, adult supervision is required. 


    Drinking games are to be played responsible. Magnetic Boardz neither assumes nor accepts any liability for any person or persons hurt or injured when playing. Be an adult, be mature.

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