Prizoners Of War 24x38


Prizoners Of War is a 1, 2, or 6 player option. The mission is to make your way safely around the board and rescue the 4 prisoners in their tents. In order to move from leaf to leaf, you must throw your dart and attempt to collect the numbered purple hearts. If you unsuccessfully hit a purple heart with your 3 dart throws, you must still move 1 leaf forward. Some leaves are colored, and require you to perform a task in order to continue forward in the game. (For example..if you land on a purple leaf, you must collect the purple hand grenade to blow the near by bridge. And landing on the red leaf will force you to collect a knife to fight the hidden enemy in the corner bushes.) If you're playing with 6 players, 4 must be selected to be the Prizoners Of War. And once you've been rescued from your tent, you can now fight freely to help your team complete the mission. The ultimate goal is to rescue the prisoners, collect as many purple hearts as you can, and kill the sniper at the end. This a game to test your skill of playing magnetic darts.


    Standard sized games are 24 x 38 and come pre-drilled with 4 screws included for mounting. Includes screw cover caps and 3 darts and 5 game pieces as well.

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    Warning! Small game pieces inside. Warning! Small game pieces inside. Parental supervision is advised.

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